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Ordering our service is quick and convenient. You only need to contact us and follow the simple guide below.

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    By filling in the contact form, you let us know your problem and type of service you require.
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    Our managers produce a quote based on your inquiry and send you a detailed guide on how to provide us with the required raw financial data for analysis.
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    We perform all the accounting work and submit the results to you in the form of a draft e-file. Once you approve it, the file may be sent to the taxation agency.

Our Features

Personal-Accounting takes the quality of service seriously and always keeps to the highest service standards in the industry. Here are the features setting us apart from competitors.

  • Simplicity
    Personal-Accounting works every day to make your life simpler, so here we are also requiring minimum input from your side to produce accurate and concise documentation.
  • Security
    You may readily entrust your financial data to us because we sign an NDA and keep your information fully private and rigorously protected.
  • Transparency
    Clients wish to know what manipulations are made with their financial data, and our accountants and managers are always at your service for any questions or clarifications.
  • Accuracy
    We invest time and effort into making our service better every day, so here you may expect to get flawless reports with no possibility of errors or miscalculations.

We are Able to Assist You With

Make use of any of our professional financial services listed below

Our expert accountants render all accounting services with your personal money management or business financial needs.
Have all your financial transactions recorded and kept track of under the close gaze of our financial management professionals.
Bill Pay
Leave no bill unnoticed with our assistance in setting up an electronic bill payment service in your accounting system.
Invoices are a critical aspect of any business functioning. Make your bills flawlessly timed and customized to impress your clients.
Reduce the risk of errors and fines by using the professional payroll assistance of our accountants. Make your payroll sessions hassle- and stress-free.
We offer affordable, flexible 1099 outsourcing services for individuals and businesses requiring help with this aspect of financial reporting.
Financial Statements and Reports
Here you can order any type of financial statements and reports including balance sheets, income and cash flow statements, as well as statements of shareholder’s equity.
Our remote CFOs can take responsibility for the entire spectrum of your company’s financial processes and needs, interpreting your financial information and suggesting further steps.
Get an affordable remote financial advisor here to enter the market of investment and unrestrained revenue growth.
Starting a Business
Starting out is always the hardest. Minimize the risks and frictions of your startup by hiring our affordable and competent accounting service.
Buying/Selling a Business
Don’t entrust buying or selling a business to chance. Let our professionals analyze all aspects of the firm’s operation and give you the most complete documentation.
Preparing for Tax Season
Stop spending sleepless nights on getting your tax documentation ready. We are your trusted paid preparer of the complete tax returns ready for submission.
Accounting Software
Automated accounting services may help you save time and costs on the overall bookkeeping activities. Use our services to get the best price-functionality combination of software.
Industry Specific Terms
Hire our professionals to review and adjust all industry-specific terms in your documents and reports to avoid unclarity and confusion.

Select Your Personal Accounting Software Here

Doing business is very hard at times, especially if you are a novice giggling between the growth of your firm, the attraction of new investment and clients, negotiations with new suppliers and contractors, and management of the general ledger. Not everyone is born with a good feel for the numbers, and those who struggle with bookkeeping may be doomed to a market failure.

But is an absence of solid fiscal management skills and talent for bookkeeping a sound reason for refusing from having your firm? Will it stop you on the way to entrepreneurial growth and development? It shouldn’t, as the most celebrated leaders never do everything by themselves, delegating critical tasks to capable assistants instead.

Personal-Accounting can become your trusted right hand in everything concerning bookkeeping and financial management of your company’s daily operations. We provide online accounting assistance to individuals and companies at an affordable cost and with premium quality of service.

Why Would a Small Business Need an Accountant?

Some beginners in the business world are not sure about whether they need accounting services for small business. But that’s most common for people who generally don’t understand the financial processes and have no clue about what the financial management of a firm entails. Here’s a simple breakdown of a financial advisor’s core functions that every startup will need to utilize sooner or later:

  • Assistance with the startup’s launch.

You can’t just start a firm by renting an office and placing a beautiful signboard on the door. A new company needs to be registered in the state and local taxation agencies; it has to have a corporate account; it has to hire employees officially. All these procedures are directly related to bookkeeping.

  • Formulation of business strategy.

Any business should strive to achieve specific financial goals and KPIs, which an accountant may help establish through well-thought financial planning

  • Streamlining of cash flows.

Paying to vendors and contractors at different times is part and parcel of running an enterprise. Hence, if you plan expenses wrongly, you may find your company in debt at some point in time. Here’s where accountants step in and help to create a spending plan that will keep your business afloat.

  • Debt and invoice management.

Most companies start their operations on the borrowed funds, and it’s the critical task of the accountant to consult the entrepreneur regarding good and bad debt to help them avoid financial trouble.

  • Budgeting.

Having precise budget estimates is of critical significance to any venture; with such a financial plan, you will always be able to understand whether you are earning enough, how much money you have for expansion, what expenditures you can and can’t afford, etc.

  • Installation and customization of online accounting programs.

Automation is the secret of productive, scalable ventures today. A skilled accountant may help you choose and set up a program that will manage all books and accounts instead of you.

Accounting Software for Small Business

At a certain point in time, every entrepreneur comes to an idea of automating the firm’s financial management. It’s very convenient as a program will compile all reports based on your financial records, will fill in the tax forms, will invoice clients, will issue salaries to employees, and will provide all required financial data.

We offer the selection and setup of relevant software as one of our small business accounting services, so you are free to contact our managers for help and consultation. We may help you choose free or paid programs depending on your firm’s size, type of economic activities, and the needed functionality.

Find Dependable Accounting Services Here

So, once we have clarified the necessity to have robust business accounting software, it’s high time to understand what in general bookkeepers do for SMEs and why their role is so critical for a firm’s survival an expansion.

In the broadest sense, financial management of SMEs presupposes careful recording of all commercial operations of the firm including the registration of sales, purchases of new inventory, and control of any arising financial complaints or liabilities. Bookkeepers also deal with invoicing and payroll, fill in and file tax forms, and prepare all relevant documentation for reporting to the local, state, and federal agencies regarding the financial activities of your firm. 

Thus, as you can see, keeping the books in order may be very time-consuming and tedious. If you lack attention to detail, you may easily lose some tiny transactions out of sight and then have incongruences in the reports. Such a problem may not be easily fixed – you need to sit down and spend hours (or maybe days) to find the problem and correct the documents. Or you may go another way – hire one of our certified and experienced accountants to manage all the fiscal hassle for you. In such a way, you are guaranteed to avoid the panic typical for entrepreneurs at the end of the taxation season or payroll sessions. We’ll connect all the dots, balance your accounts, and make your reports look perfect.

Why Hire Personal-Accounting to Manage Your Books?

As soon as you get the best accounting software for small business selected and installed with our help, it’s time to choose who will operate that program to manage books. Indeed, such programs are usually designed to make the entire bookkeeping process extremely simple so that even people with basic financial literacy can handle everything error-free and on time. But what if you forget to send the reports to a state taxation agency on the due date? Or maybe you will fail to record some invoice into the system, then trying to align everything overnight?

Anyway, having a skilled and experienced operator of the firm’s accounting system is always a wise decision for entrepreneurs wishing to forget about the books but still, have everything running perfectly well. Here the professionals of Personal-Accounting can also help you out. We may manage the software and tailor it to any changes in your business operation to guarantee its flawless functioning and full compliance with your financial reporting, analysis, and documentation needs.