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Business bookkeeping is at the heart of any company’s functioning, be it a new startup or a well-established firm. The reason for such importance of managing your books is that we all do business to earn money, and not knowing how much you spend or make doesn’t look like a successful commercial venture.

Besides, failing to pay out salaries or taxes on time, inability to refinance a bad debt, or improper invoicing to clients may cause you serious legal trouble, which is another reason to seek assistance with management of your general ledger in case you can’t do it on your own or have no time for that. 

Why Is Bookkeeping for Small Business Essential?

You might think that at the starting point, you will do without a bookkeeping company. Maybe it will be so, but don’t forget that missing some essential fiscal information may have grave consequences for your firm’s health.

These consequences exacerbate with time, and in several months, you may find your venture in serious problems, debts, or fines from the state or local taxation agencies. Is that risk tolerable for you? Or maybe it’s time to contact our financial advisors and cover your back against any emergencies?

Through the years of our work with SMEs, we have distilled the best practices that a remote bookkeeping assistant may provide for such a company and contribute to its success sizably:

  • Reasonable budgeting that adds transparency to the firm’s operations and enables the company to detect any economic problems at the onset, thus avoiding more significant inefficiencies. 
  • Precise monitoring of accounts receivable and payable to make the revenues of the startup visible. In such a way, the entrepreneurs have a clear vision of where they spend too much and have a chance to cut costs to increase their business profitability.
  • Tracking of vendor costs and sales revenues for the sake of better financial analysis and forecasting in your market sector. By observing these trends, you will always be equipped with critical economic knowledge for quick decision-making.
  • Analysis of your firm’s financial structure in terms of good/bad debt to alert you about issues requiring attention.

These are some excellent reasons to turn to Personal-Accounting for competent and affordable assistance, right? Besides, a capable accountant may help with the determination of your firm’s financial goals and the formulation of workable steps to achieve them.

As you can see, advisors play a central role in your venture’s success, so it’s very short-sighted to neglect to hire such a professional to your startup team.

Select The Best Personal Bookkeeping Software Here

Besides offering all kinds of bookkeeping online, we specialize in helping clients select and integrate a variety of financial management programs into their firm’s operations. As technology progresses, numerous software tools have emerged to make the entrepreneurs’ lives easier. Thus, they may automate a significant number of business aspects, including bookkeeping.

At Personal-Accounting, we consult SMEs and individuals on small business bookkeeping software and help our clients purchase an ideal solution depending on their commercial niche, size of the firm, business needs, and the specifics of their activities.

How can you choose the best software for your firm’s financial needs? First, it’s critical to select one early at the start of your business operations, when the number of transactions is small. In such a way, you will have enough time to learn it, adapt to its nuts and bolts, and customize it specifically to your firm’s needs. Experts of Personal-Accounting are always ready to give you a helping hand in selecting the software, installing it, and integrating it seamlessly with other corporate operations.

What Does Our Virtual Bookkeeping Service Include?

Some entrepreneurs are pushed back as soon as they hear of a remote accounting advisory firm. However, there is nothing to be nervous or anxious about as our company provides the same set of services one could get in a local company – with the only difference of a much lower price.

Here is the spectrum of services you can enjoy here:

  • Help with taxes.

Meeting all taxation requirements may be a daunting task for a business beginner since the U.S. IRS has particular documentation requirements for each sector of the economy. If you fail to adjust your documents and fiscal records to IRS demands, then be ready to pay fines that may make you broke before you even start generating revenue.

  • Invoicing assistance.

The core task of any venture is to be able to invoice its customers for the products or services it provides. Without payments for the merchandise or support of any kind, the firm will not survive because of the inability to finance development and pay the maintenance and rent bills. Thus, it’s critical to set up a concise, timely invoicing system to get the incoming payments on time.

  • Payroll.

If you don’t pay your employees or issue salaries late, they may sue you. Such matters may erode your reputation as a business owner and will ruin the venture at the onset.

  • Selection of a bookkeeping program.

Automation helps people do more with less. We can help you choose proper software and install it to enjoy automated, agile management of financial operations and reporting to state agencies hassle-free.

Why Personal-Accounting?

It’s natural for any entrepreneur to wish to keep his or her accounts and general ledger in order, but do you trust a remote financial advisor the way you would trust an in-house bookkeeper? At Personal-Accounting, we offer remote bookkeeping jobs only to experts with years of practical experience in local agencies. In such a way, we guarantee that clients get the service maximally similar to the one they would receive in a local accounting firm, but with a higher number of benefits such as cost savings, 24/7 availability of our consultants, and a flexible, customer-oriented approach. 

We also conduct regular checks of how well our staff performs their online bookkeeping jobs and how well they satisfy the clients’ needs. Quality of service is the bedrock of our company’s business philosophy; so, you may expect nothing less than premium-level assistance and customization of software and service packages to your individual case.