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Expert Business Online Payroll Service

No commercial entity can function without employees. Even if you are a one-person startup, you will still have to handle your PAYE, insurance, sick pay, taxes, and other pay-related accounting procedures. In case you employ many workers, the payroll clerk salary issue may become a pressing task – here you can’t make mistakes or delay the payout; all processes have to be compliant with the state law.

With such high stakes, the task may become insurmountable at times. But why waste your energy and nerves on trying to master payroll if you have Personal-Accounting at your service? 

Personal-Accounting: A Dependable Payroll Company

By turning to us, you always get the most advanced and customized solutions in terms of small business payroll software. We work day by day to service hundreds of clients on various aspects of financial management of their firms, and payroll is one of our primary specializations. So, here we offer you to break free from the tedious salary payout routines by entrusting them to us. We’ll find the most suitable automated solution precisely for your venture and will tailor all operations in such a way that they take minutes (if ever requiring your participation).

What Is The Best Payroll Software?

As soon as the time to select payroll software comes, our clients turn to us with the same question – how to choose an ideal program suiting them by all parameters. Years of our experience in the field have shown that the most critical criteria for selecting a robust piece of software for payout management include: 

  1. The company’s size (the number of people you employ determines the functionality of any chosen software. Programs ideal for small companies will prove awful for large corporations, and vice versa).
  2. Payroll frequencies (some staff are paid per hour, while others receive monthly fixed wages)
  3. Types of payslips (the kind of payment is essential; printed payslips, security payslips in envelopes, digital payslips – all these different forms of remuneration processing require various programs as a rule) 
  4. Financial analysis and reporting (some entrepreneurs wish their accounting software to be as smart as possible, possessing the advanced analytical capacity and informing in-depth business analysis, while others want it to handle the payroll procedures only)
  5. Experience with payout software (we always talk to clients about the programs they use to understand what they liked and did not like; the product range is so broad that any client may find an ideal program tweaked precisely to his or her requirements).

Based on these criteria, our experts select the best software for each client. Thus, we can’t say that some program is ideal as all businesses are different, so each of them needs a specific solution.

Select Payroll Software for Small Business Here

If you need not a simple payroll calculator but a robust, smart program to manage all aspects related to the issuance of salaries to staff, contact the experts of Personal-Accounting. We will help you select the best suitable program for your particular business goals, thus enabling your payouts to run smooth and hassle-free. Our professionals analyze each inquiry thoroughly by turning attention to such software features and requirements of clients as:

  • Functionality (a variety of payroll programs offer the features of tax payouts, availability of multiple payment options, multiple wage rates, garnishment payments, administration of worker compensation, insurance processing, and the like).
  • User-friendliness (some programs are intuitive and straightforward, while more advanced software may be more complex and require specialized training).
  • Cost (a variety of software vendors price their products differently depending on their brand and the program’s functionality).
  • Integration capacity (clients should specify whether they need software integrating with their internal system via an API, or whether they need to integrate it with the existing accounting software, time and attendance systems, and the like).
  • Support (24/7 support is a preferred option for everyone, but not all brands provide such a feature).
  • Cloud storage availability (storage of payment data in the cloud is a highly popular modern option).
  • Extra perks (it’s always beneficial to look for programs with added functionality, such as HR assistance, benefits management, retirement plan administration, and many more).  

We ask you to indicate preferences on these criteria and select precisely the software you require for flawless business functioning and accurate staff remuneration.

Why Use Online Payroll Services of Personal-Accounting?

That’s a good question, and we have an answer. Here are some unbeatable reasons to choose our virtual accounting services in favor of a local financial firm or a full-time bookkeeper you will keep in-house:

  • Flexibility of our services – SMEs can order any assistance ranging from a one-time payroll calculation to full-service payroll regularly.
  • Affordability – by hiring remote assistants conducting all operations online, you save up to 50% of the cost that a full-time accountant would charge. Why pay a pretty penny for such a service in case you need only some help with salary payouts?
  • Universal accessibility – because we are an online firm, we strive to make services accessible at any time of the day, any day of the week. We know that for struggling business newbies, a tax form may be urgently needed even in the middle of a Sunday night. Here, you will always get it.
  • A broad range of services. Speaking specifically about payroll, Personal-Accounting provides a variety of services related to the processing of payouts, the filing and payment of taxes associated with employee salaries, reporting of newly hired staff to state and local agencies, and paid-time-off management.
  • On-demand automation. If you don’t want to hire our consultants for regular help, feel free to order one-time assistance with automating your firm’s payroll system. Our experts will assist in choosing software, will guide you through each step of its installation, and will enable its seamless integration into your accounting software. We also help with establishing mobile-friendly programs so that you can manage the firm’s payroll from the convenience of your smartphone.

As you can see, life gets more comfortable with the professional help of Personal-Accounting. As soon as you become the client of Personal-Accounting, you will be pleasantly surprised to receive the highest standard of service quality, a variety of pleasant perks, and a great team of seasoned bookkeeping experts at your service round the clock.